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7/3/2014 Update - Editing and uploading the USPFC photos as fast as my little monkey paws will go.

7/4/2014 Update - NYPD vs Orange County Sheriffs Championship finished!

7/4/2014 Update - LAPD vs NYPD finished!

7/4/2014 Update - US Border Patrol vs LA County Fire finished!

7/7/2014 Update - OC Sheriff vs LA Country Fire finished!

7/19/2014 Update - Rifle - Large Bore finished!

7/19/2014 Update - Gunners VS Glendale Fire Championship Game finished!

7/19/2014 Update - Glendale Fire VS South LA finished!

7/19/2014 Update - Memphis VS LA Airport PD finished!

8/13/2014 Update - SFPD vs LAPD finished!

2014 United States Police & Fire Championships

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